FLASH-A23: December 7th (2330 UTC)   FLASH-B22: December 6th (1855 UTC)

A23: December 7th 2022 (2330 UTC)   B22: December 6th 2022 (1830 UTC)  

Latest Monitoring Statistics of November 2022 Facts that confirm the High Quality

ILG´s Monitoring Post

Free Online HF Remote Receivers
here are a lot of links to various internet remote receivers were you can access and listen worldwide to shortwave radio signals via your internet browser
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Military stations in the broadcast bands
since several years military stations are intruding the official broadcasting bands and operating illegaly here
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ILG Listening Post - Receiver
ILG data are checked by regular bandscans with various receivers, antennas and from various locations since more than 30 years
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PERSEUS SDR Remote Receivers
the producer of the PERSEUS SDR receiver is hosting a web page with links to the various PERSEUS remote receivers
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