B21 as of December 3rd 2021 - 0000 UTC   A21 as of October 30th 2021 - 2130 UTC

New lookup tables available for countries, stations and transmitter sites


Welcome to ILG

ILG Professional Database

The ultimate Source for the HF Planning and HF Frequency Management
 Now including Broadcasting + UTILITY transmissions of the 1.6 - 30 MHz Frequency Range
 B21 ILG now with more than 96340 data sets available

The ILG Monitoring World Record
ILG Database contains results of the ILG Broadcasting Monitoring World Record of confirming all transmissions and the monitoring date is given in the data field MDATE.

In this non public area shortwave frequency mangers will find:
  • ILG now covers full 1.6-30 MHz and the databases including more than 96 340 data sets
  • ILG identification of HFCC wooden and "alternative" entries for each new season
  • exact details of sign/on and sign/off data of all transmissions
  • eaxct details of all WarmUp and WarmEnd transmissions
  • ILG shortwave data files of current season with more than 55 editions
  • ILG shortwave data files - archives data since 1983
  • Software and Browser for ILG data files
  • Manual for ILG software usage and ILG imports info frequency management software
  • Description of ILG file structure
  • ILG "Global Bandscan" verifying all listed data by around-the-clock scans during each season
  • ILG "HF Multi Band Check" - bandscans with detailed analysis of ILG and HFCC data
  • Tips for HFCC frequency coordination
  • Links and background information
  • ILG gives full date of reception (ddmmyy) of all monitored data entries
  • ILG includes exclusively full antenna data with correct antenna type, design frequencies, etc
  • ILG Antenna tools updating more than 46000 antenna operation modes of all shortwave sites
  • ILG is also available in HFCC/ITU stucture with extended format
  • ILG is now full compatible to FIEDLPLOT, WPLOT and other software to calculate signals precisely
  • 10-Band/24 hours PERSEUS bandscan records of 10 seconds for download (7x 480 files per season)
  • Lookup Tables for PERSEUS SDR monitor window displaying data of receiving stations
ILG Professional Access:
ILG Databases and Software are CONFIDENTIAL, not for the general public and are made only available for the frequency managers or technical departments of radio stations or telecoms ! This is in accordance to the decision of the HFCC and the personal request various ILG clients. Therefore ILG includes technical data which cannot be given to the public.