FLASH-A23: September 21st (2210 UTC)
  FLASH-B23: September 21st (2210 UTC)

Quick UPDATE (Text/dBASE):
QUICK-A23: September 21st (2210 UTC)
   QUICK-B23: later avilable (**** UTC)

A23: September 21st 2023 (2200 UTC)    B23: September 21st 2023 (2205 UTC)  

Latest Monitoring Statistics of April 2023 Facts that confirm the High Quality

ILG Database Order - Request for Price Offer (NOT for Private Persons)

If you are a private person (e.g. shortwave listener, DXer, HAM, ...) please visite the following web page:

On the ILGRadio web page you will find everything you are looking for.

This ILG Database on https://www.ilg.de/ is ONLY for professional users e.g. frequency managers or government authorities.

ILG Shortwave Database with access for one year (12 month) with 1-2 user licenses - Request for Offer and rates only - NOT for Private Persons
Short Wave Frequency Database for Broadcasting Frequency Management & Monitoring         
- 2x main editions of  "A" and "B"  ITU-R  Broadcasting Seasons
   with approx. weekly updates: schedules incl.final,
   requirement, tentative, non-broadcasting in data formats
   (Text, CSV, dBASE, HTML) incl. stations 1.6 - 30 MHz with
   approx. 90000 data sets for full range and selection with
   approx. 22000 data sets for broadcasting range  
- regular 1.6-30 MHz bandscans via various remote receivers
- reference tables of transmitter sites, broadcasters and
    UTILITY stations (non-broadcasting)
- ILG data in HFCC format which can be imported into the
   WPLOT Software (WPLOT2000EX)
ILG Professional Access:
ILG Databases and Software are CONFIDENTIAL, not for the general public and are made only available for the frequency managers or technical departments of radio stations or telecoms ! This is in accordance to the decision of the HFCC and the personal request various ILG clients. Therefore ILG includes technical data which cannot be given to the public.

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