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ILG b09

1) b09 ILG Database (F - Version: Final Draft/Verified):

B09 Version with final schedules as available on publishing date.
This is the complete database of all B09 schedules and full language details. Regular B09 bandscans from October 25th.
Wooden requirements or non-confirmed data are not included but "alternatives". File is perfect for the frequency co-ordination/planning.
This ILG database file is most useful to use it with WPLOTF or FIELDPOT Software instead of taking original HFCC data !

2) b09 ILG Database (C - Version: Combined ILG / HFCC):

Final ILG Version incl. B09 HFCC requirements

In this file there are both final B09 data and HFCC/ABU/ASBU requiremetns included.
Here it will be possible to "identify" all the wooden frequency requests and all "differences" between ILG and HFCC !

3) b09 ILG Database (R - Version: Requirement B09 ILG / HFCC):

Final B09 Version incl. current schedules of non conference members
This file is only important if no ILG final database is available, e.g. during conferences and can be
imported into the WPLOTF and FIELDPOT Software ... No so usefull when ILG "F" version is available !

4) b09 ILG Database (H - Version: last Year + Requirements):

Current final b09 HFCC/ASBU/ABU requirements and the rest of the world and all
verified A09 ILG data and last Winter B08 schedules included !


5) b09 ILG Database (all files by direct access / download):
Download direct from Server Directory

In this directory all b09 files can be downloaded directly here ...

6) b09 ILG Database (last 1 year + requirements by FMO):
HFCC b09 FMO Files (direct directory access)

In this directory b09 HFCC/ASBU requirements and full
verified b08 and a08 data are all included in the FMO pages!
There is a Web page for each HFCC / ASBU /ABU FMO.
You can access here directly to the various schedules.
This new release gives the complete schedules of the various
FMO´s at a glance.
All USA Private stations are listed also under their CALL SIGN and
all Russian entries of GFC/RAM/TRW are included in RUS.HTM file.
Wooden Frequencies can be detected easily and highligted in light green colour !
You can display data without any further software with your
internet browser (MS Explorer, Netscape, ...)

7) b09 ILG Database (HTML Version: last Year + Requirements):

In this file b09 HFCC/ASBU requirements and full verified a09 and b08 data are all included !
This release gives the main ILG data fields in the HTML format.
You can display data without any further software with your
internet browser (MS Explorer, Netscape, ...)

Direct Link to the Frequency Bands (for quick internet access/DSL users):
2-5 MHz Band(direct internet access)
6 MHz Band(direct internet access)
7 MHz Band (direct internet access)
9 MHz Band(direct internet access)
11 MHz Band (direct internet access)
13 MHz Band (direct internet access)
15 MHz Band(direct internet access)
17 MHz Band (direct internet access)
21 MHz Band(direct internet access)
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