FLASH-A24: February 27th (2300 UTC)
  FLASH-B23: February 27th (2300 UTC)

Quick UPDATE (Text/dBASE):
QUICK-A24: February 27th (2300 UTC)
   QUICK-B23: February 27th (2300 UTC)

A24: February 25th 2024 (2235 UTC)    B23: February 25th 2024 (2235 UTC)  

Latest Monitoring Statistics of February 1st 2024 Facts that confirm the High Quality

ILG Database Order

ILG Shortwave Database with access starting January 1st 2020 until December 31st 2020 (1-5x user license for NHK) - Copy
Short Wave Frequency Database for Broadcasting Frequency Management & Monitoring         
- 2x main editions of Summer "A" and Winter "B" Seasons
   with approx. weekly updates: schedules incl.final, requirement, tentative,
   non-broadcasting in data formats (Text, CSV, dBASE, HTML)  
- regular deep-in 1.6 - 30 MHz bandscans                      
- reference tables of transmitter sites, broadcasters and UTILITY stations
- ILG data in HFCC format can be imported into WPLOT Software (WPLOT2000EX)

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