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Latest Monitoring Statistics of March 3rd 2024 Facts that confirm the High Quality

ILG a18


A18 Databases

The ultimate Source for the HF Planning and HF Frequency Management

This is the complete database of all final schedules (tentative schedules before season starts) with data of the whole season. Full language details and verified technical data are also included, e.g. antenna details with the precise design frequencies based on special ILG research and internal documents.
Starting April when summer season starts (November for Winter season) regular band scans results are included and the monitoring date is given in the MDATE data field, e.g. MDATE 030517 = monitored on 3.May 2017. All monitoring work is made by PERSEUS SDR receivers in the ILG office in Germany and by remote receivers in Europe and Overseas.
Broadcasts which are not on air but required at HFCC (so called wooden) given with "minus" power. Possible alternative (stand-by) transmissions are included as "alternatives" in the database. In the WPLOT software those "wooden" entries with minus power are displayed with a different colour on the world map.
Additional monitored Sign/on and Sign/off times based on current observations are also included. Additional un-listed transmission times of Warm-Up and Warm-End with silent carrier, interval signals or programme parts are also listed in the ILG database.
In the data field NOTES the ILG gives unique information for non-active transmissions: Alternative, Double Entry, Fiction (a higher level than not used), Inactive, Special Events. 
Access strictly only for ILG Professional Clients
These data files in the dBASE IV format can also be imported into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, LibreOffice Base, Paradox, FileMaker Pro, DBF Viewer 2000, DataView,  . . .
This type of database is primarily for deep-in Investigation, Military Operations, Intelligence Services and Government Monitoring
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A18 HFCC Files
ILG in the COMPACT Version with broadcasting bands (incl. +/- 100 kHz) and the  COMPLETE ILG Database Version with the full 2 - 30 MHz range is available for download here
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A18 ilg-download.jpg
This release gives the main ILG data fields in the standard HTML format.
You can display data without any further software with your internet browser and the letter size can be changed. You can access directly to the 9 broadcasting bands (2 - 21 MHz) or download all the pages by a zip file.

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These data files in the dBASE IV format can also be imported into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, LibreOffice Base, Paradox, FileMaker Pro, DBF Viewer 2000, DataView,  . . . 
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A18 FMO Directory
Here you can investigate for complete schedules of the various FMO´s at a glance with current data and the data of last year. There is a Web page for each HFCC / ASBU /ABU FMO. This is quite helpful during the HFCC conference to find out who was the first user on the various frequencies.
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A18 direct download
In this directory all current files can be downloaded here in the case of any download problems of this web page. You can also access to previous releases of ILG database starting with the first edition of the broadcasting season ...
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Data Files to display received stations in the monitor window of PERSEUS SDR.

This text files (site.txt, admin.txt and broadcas.txt) are designed for the Software running HFCC data or for the PERSEUS SDR Receiver to dispay station data on the monitor of the receiver software
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