FLASH-A23: December 7th (2330 UTC)   FLASH-B22: December 6th (1855 UTC)

A23: December 7th 2022 (2330 UTC)   B22: December 6th 2022 (1830 UTC)  

Latest Monitoring Statistics of November 2022 Facts that confirm the High Quality

PERSEUS SDR Record Files


ILG´s PERSEUS SDR Promoting Area

The PERSEUS SDR receiver is one of the most effective receivers on the market. The access to various remote receivers is unique and there is hope to make with this little service that some more receivers will available on the internet...
B18 Frequency Lists and Lookup Tables for PERSEUS SDR
Data Files to display received stations in the monitor window of PERSEUS SDR.

This text files (site.txt, admin.txt and broadcas.txt) are designed for the Software running HFCC data or for the PERSEUS SDR Receiver to dispay station data on the monitor of the receiver software
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