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About ILG

The first Band Scans for ILG were made in Summer 1983. Since that time ILG is publishing complete frequency lists on a  regular basis. ILG has since 1983 the experiencesfor quick and precise band scans and the necessary knowledge to identify the various radio stations, programmes and languages. Season by season ILG frequency databaseswere improved and extended to todays highest standard in the word. ILG data are based on serious information of the radio stations and there information will be verified during
the whole broadcasting season.
ILG was the first publication in the world which startet in Summer 1985 with the first test of the Graphical Diagramm "Times by Lines" whichsignificantly improved the bandcan procedure !
In 2014 ILG Database was extended by UTILITY stations (nob-broadcasting). The data set size is now more than 30000 entries.