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of March 18th - 2345 UTC,  A18 of March 18th - 2345 UTC


B17 dBASE Data Files

ILG Info

B17 Databases

The ultimate Source for the HF Planning and HF Frequency Management

Last update of ILG data files:  March 18th 2018 (2345 UTC)

ILG Database contains results of the regular ILG Broadcasting Monitoring World Records confirming all transmissions of Non-HFCC members and the monitoring date is given in the data field MDATE.
Daily bandscan checks are controlling the whole shortwave range between 2 and 30 MHz and monitoring date is given in the database field MDATE which is empty in original HFCC database.
MDATE data field content: e.g. "280118" monitored the last time on January 28th 2018,  ...

dBASE IV Data Files
Import within Microsoft Excel (no Excel Viewer) © Microsoft. Go to open File Name and croll down to dBASE and open ILGRadio "ilgadata.dbf"
Mark the datafield GRAPHICS andf change letter type from "Arial" to "Courier New" for propper display of Graphical Diagramm.
You can view all data, you can set different order or set filter function. If yo wish you can export to other file type.
You can also import dBASE files e.g. into Microsoft Access 2010 or earlier releases (no function in Access 2013 of Office 2013).
A lot of dBASE viewers are made available on various web pages e.g. "DBF Viewer", "Paradox dBase reader", "DBF Viewer Plus", ...

Extract Range of ILG Database 
X - Extract Range Version - dBASE Format with 20850 data sets
Frequency Ranges:  2300 - 2500,  3170 - 3400,  3900 - 4000,  4740 - 5150,  5700 - 6300,  6850 - 7800,  9250 - 10000, 11400 - 12200,  13550 - 13900,  15000 - 15840,  17450 - 17900,  18900 - 19030,  21450 - 21850,  26000 - 26100 khz

Full Range of ILG Database 
F - Full Range Version - dBASE Format with 46935 data sets
Frequency Range:  2000 - 30000 khz (the complete short wave range)

dBASE Files to Import into ILG Software for MS DOS

Old Data Format with full range of ILG Database
W - dBASE Format with 46679 data sets