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of January 11th - 0030 UTC,  A18 of January 16th - 2330 UTC


B17 FMO Schedules of organizations

ILG Info

B17 Databases

The ultimate Source for the HF Planning and HF Frequency Management

Last update of ILG data files:  January 11th 2018 (0030 UTC)

ILG Database contains results of the ILG Broadcasting Monitoring World Record of February 2017 confirming all transmissions of Non-HFCC members and the monitoring date is given in the data field MDATE.

Here you can investigate for complete schedules of the various FMO´s at a glance with current data and the data of last year. There is a Web page for each HFCC / ASBU /ABU FMO. The seasons are displayed with various background colours.
USA private stations listed also under their own callsign or on the FCC page and all Russian entries of GFC/RAM/VOR are also in the RUS file.
In this file you can find out un-used frequency requests and you can see differences between ILG and HFCC data ! This is quite helpful during the HFCC conference to find out who was the first user on the various frequencies.
Not used broadcasts can be detected easily and highlighted in light green colour !
You can display data without any further software with your internet browser

Direct access to the various FMO schedules:

CLICK Here for schedules of the various Frequency Management Organizations